Grubs Don’t Discriminate

Even the best-kept lawns are not exempt from the havoc that grubs can wreak—in fact, it’s actually the lushest lawns that are most susceptible. Beginning in late summer, new grub eggs hatch unseen just below the lawn surface where they feed for nearly 3 months on the very roots of your grass. Then, in late autumn, they burrow deeper into the soil to hibernate, pilfering its nutrients along the way. And finally, just after your grass is making its springtime comeback, grubs return to the surface to feast all over again.

Preventative treatment is the most effective way to control grubs. We apply grub control treatments in the early summer, killing these pests before they destroy your lawn.


Don’t Give Pests a Chance

Our Certified Lawn Care experts know that when it comes to eradicating grubs, timing is everything. That’s why we apply our grub control treatment in early summer. Just as they’re making their way to your lawn’s surface, we kill grubs before they have a chance to mate, lay eggs, or even start to feed.

In addition to providing year-round grub control, our perimeter pest treatment service also stops spiders, centipedes, millipedes, ants, and crickets from making unwelcome visits to your yard and from making their home inside of yours.