Core aeration produces stronger root structures

Our annual core aeration service is designed to give you a lawn that keeps coming back lusher and healthier each and every spring. While it’s a quick and painless process, core aeration should always be left to the experts. By methodically stamping small holes into the ground, arranging and dispersing them just precisely so, core aeration has the power to drastically improve the health of your lawn’s grass and topsoil.

These inconspicuous holes serve as air pockets or small spaces of ventilation to essentially allow your grass to breathe. Just like the rest of life on earth, grass, too, requires oxygen in order to be healthy, flourish, and grow its roots deeper and stronger. Furthermore, our core aeration service will improve the overall quality of your lawn’s soil. By reducing compaction and increasing the soil’s capacity to self-drain, water and fertilizer are circulated more consistently throughout your lawn.

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Overseeding to improve lawn density

Summers here in Indiana have become increasingly hot and discouragingly dryer, and regrettably, Hoosier lawns are suffering the consequences. Without rain to flush the soil and alleviate the effects of swelling temperatures, lawns everywhere are looking sparse and sad as grass densities are thinning.

But there’s no reason to stress just yet—because even if you think your lawn is too far gone, there’s still hope! We’ve developed a customizable overseeding treatment service that can assess and address any lawn no matter the severity of its problem areas. Let our Certified Lawn Care experts help improve the overall density of your grass and prevent your lawn from becoming another summer bummer.

It’s not too late to have the lawn you’ve always dreamed of! Our aeration and overseeding treatment service doesn’t begin until the fall when your soil is still warm, but the weather is cooler to reduce the stress on your lawn. 

Make sure to schedule your aeration and overseeding treatment for at least 6 weeks prior to your Late Fall lawn treatment to ensure the seed has ample time to sprout and grow.