The Certified Lawn Care Program is 7 applications.

Lush & Pristine in the Summer | Healthy & Green for Spring

Certified Lawn Care will not only keep your lawn pristine all summer long, our routine treatments are guaranteed to have your grass coming in lusher and greener each and every spring.

  • Early Spring: An application of fertilizer and crabgrass control

  • Late Spring: An application of fertilizer and weed control

  • Early Summer: Fertilizer application, weed control and insecticide for grub worms

  • Late Summer: Fertilizer application, weed spot treatments, and insect damage inspection

  • Grub Control: Insecticide specifically designed to control grub worms.


Fast & Easy Autumn Preparation | Strong & Durable Winter Protection

In addition to our routine summer treatments, we’ll prepare your grass in the autumn to keep it healthy and resilient through even the harshest of Indiana winters.

  • Early Fall: Fertilizer application and herbicide treatment

  • Late Fall: Fertilizer application and weed control