Residential Design

Create a Stunning Outdoor Landscape With Certified Lighting Services.

Light up your private gardens, entrances, and other outdoor spaces with Certified’s Lawns Landscape Lighting. We serve all of the Indianapolis areas. Our expert team will design, install, and perform maintenance to your outdoor landscaping lighting. There are many reasons to call a professional but, we guarantee your system to have accentuated key landscape elements and functional illumination  Whether you are looking for an added sense of elegance or security to your home, our team will provide you with a well-designed lighting system within your budget that will last for many years.


Landscape Lighting Services We Offer

The issue is that many homeowners don’t know where to start and just purchase whatever is on sale. If you install too many lights, you may end up flooding the entire block with light pollution, or choosing the wrong fixtures could just waste a lot of money on a look you never wanted. The DIY projects may seem easy on Pinterest or YouTube but, when you hire a professional it can actually save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. Check out the services below:

  • Residential Design: Whether you are looking to enhance your driveway or your overall home value. Our team has a full spectrum of lighting options.

  • Lighting Installation: We don’t stop with the design but our experts install all fixtures, transformers, and controllers needed to fully light-up your sytem.
  • Renovation of Existing Systems:Upgrading your current lighting system can be as simple as replacing a few or integrating a lot to expand your entire system. Our team will do an audit and provide you with a plan to save you money.
  • LED Conversions:As the current standard to most lighting systems, we will create a cost-effective system to keep your electrical consumption down and avoid costly lamp replacements.
  • Troubleshooting:Have a wiring problem? or a major repair? Our team will test your entire system to find where the issue is and get your system back to full strength.
  • System Maintenance:Our Certified Lighting Maintenance Program keeps your lighting system shining. Whether it is a simple bulb change or lenses needing to be cleaned to protect your fixtures and investment.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Choose from a wide range of brass, copper and aluminum lights sizes and styles that can enhance the style of your home. Our Certified lighting experts will come to your home to map a complementary and comprehensive plan of your driveway, paths, and vegetation to develop a robust landscape lighting design.

  • Architectural Lighting

  • LED Lighting

  • Solar Lighting

  • Low Voltage Lighting

  • Pool Area Lighting

  • Security Lighting

  • Hardscape Lighting